How to set up a curated newsletter for creative people in half a day


Curated newsletters are becoming more and more popular and they are a great way to share any great content you find with your audience, particularly if you’re regularly reading and sharing content anyway. So I’d been sitting on the idea for Little Walden for some time. Little Walden is a newsletter curated especially for creatives. Five inspiring links sent on a Friday at 5pm each week — the...

You can’t beat a Moleskine and a Sharpie.


I love digital tools – I have countless apps and social profiles but they still can’t beat a notebook and a pen.
None of my apps and profiles help me as much as scribbling and doodling my thoughts and ideas down in a pad.
Just the process of transferring ideas from my head to paper makes them become real and memorable rather than fleeting thoughts.

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James Qualtrough

I am a man with an itch. I am endlessly in pursuit of something but not quite sure what. I am sure that it is just around the corner though.

Luck has shone its light my way and I live on the small but beautiful Isle of Man with my wife Donna, our three beautiful kids.

I run QUDO Digital, curate Litte Walden & co-founded FlipRSS.

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