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Isle News was a hyperlocal news website I set up for the offshore Islands of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

The project was established to provide organisations with a timely outlet for business news stories. Approved press releases would be instantly published ensuring relevant news was released at a time that suited local businesses.

Isle News was a domain of Offshore Media and provided the latest news for Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey Businesses, Charities, and Individuals.

Local organisations could submit press release to Isle News using a Press Release submission form. Provided the release was related to the Isle of Man or Channel Islands and complied with the terms and conditions, the press release would be published.

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James Qualtrough

I am a man with an itch. I am endlessly in pursuit of something but not quite sure what. I am sure that it is just around the corner though.

Luck has shone its light my way and I live on the small but beautiful Isle of Man with my wife Donna, our three beautiful kids.

I run QUDO Digital, curate Litte Walden & co-founded FlipRSS.

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