You can’t beat a Moleskine and a Sharpie.


I love digital tools – I have countless apps and social profiles but they¬†still can’t beat a notebook and a pen.
None of my apps and profiles help me as much as scribbling and doodling my thoughts and ideas down in a pad.
Just the process of transferring ideas from my head to paper makes them become real and memorable rather than fleeting thoughts.

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James Qualtrough

I am a man with an itch. I am endlessly in pursuit of something but not quite sure what. I am sure that it is just around the corner though.

Luck has shone its light my way and I live on the small but beautiful Isle of Man with my wife Donna, our three beautiful kids.

I run QUDO Digital, curate Litte Walden & co-founded FlipRSS.

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