Facing Demons

productivity and tasks

Recently my Calendar has started to look like a brightly coloured periodic table. Pre-scheduled tasks, meetings, calls and even emails have made it to my daily and weekly plan filling up 90% of my days. Finally it looks like I’m getting to grips with my productivity without it filling my head. I’ve never been a person who has enjoyed too much structure before. I like the freedom to...

15 lessons that Entrepreneurs can learn from Dads


The last 12 months have been crazy to say the least. Becoming a Dad to twin girls and co-founding a bootstrapped startup was always going to be a pretty awesome ride but I never saw the parallels until now. It turns out having kids and starting a business have much more in common than I’d ever have imagined. The two journeys couldn’t have been more in sync if I’d planned it. The lessons from one...

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